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Tips for first time patients visiting our dentist in Egham

Going to the dentist is a fairly common act for the majority of us and we tend not to spare it a second thought. But for some, coming to visit our dentists in Egham can be quite a nerve-racking experience.

So with that in mind we’ve provided a few helpful things to try out, to keep yourself calm when you come in for an appointment.

Talk to our team

If you feel yourself starting to get jittery when you come into our practice, then we can’t stress enough how vitally important it is that you talk to our team or your dentist in Egham. By letting us know how you’re feeling we can properly gauge your response to the procedure and then progress through it accordingly.

We always want to take things at the pace you are comfortable with and putting you through a potentially stressful situation is something we always want to avoid. So just talk to our team when you come in or even discuss a hand signal system to let us know when you need to take a break.

Listen to music

Having your favourite tracks blaring away in your ears is a great way to distract yourself from the ongoing treatment. But before you go making that playlist, we do recommend that you try to pick a few calming songs instead of your favourite floor fillers. Lo-fi, jazz or classical music is a great place to start, as their slow tempo keeps your heart rate low, whilst thumping electronic or screeching heavy metal will only increase it and make you feel more anxious.

At Stoneylands Dental Practice our warm and welcoming team will provide you with a calm and relaxing atmosphere as you go through your first visit with us.

Use relaxation tricks

Another good way to keep calm whilst visiting our team at the practice is to use relaxation techniques. This can be in the form of counting objects around the room, or focussing on a spot on the ceiling and meditating until the procedure is finished.

If you’re struggling to focus then simply breathing slowly in through your nose and back out through your mouth is a great way to calm down, as this floods your body with oxygen and breaks down any adrenalin that might be making you twitchy.

Bring in a plush

It may sound a little odd, but bringing in a stuffed toy or a teddy bear from home can be a great way to keep those nerves at bay, whilst you go through a check-up or treatment. Having that familiar scent or texture from home that you can cuddle up with helps to distract your brain from what’s immediately going on around you.

Although, if you do plan on bringing in something to hug, try to avoid anything too big that might get in the way of our team!

These are just a few tricks we recommend you try, in order to keep yourself calm when you visit us for the first time. If you’re still a bag of nerves when you come see us at the practice then just chat to our team and we will help you to stay calm. We’re always happy to go at your pace, within your comfort zone.


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