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Get to know us

At our dentist in Egham we strive to make all of our patients as relaxed as possible whilst they’re receiving treatment, whether they are new patients or have been with us for a while. We believe our friendly and professional dental approach leads to many satisfied patients, this is in addition to our honest and open communication with all of our patients. Our family run dental clinic focuses on a holistic, patient-centred approach, always putting our patients first, whilst creating a tailor-made dental plan to suit their individual needs. Our dental clinic boasts a fantastic team of dental professionals, providing not only general family dentistry, but also cosmetic dental treatments.

Meet the team at our dentist in Egham

Aside from the core values our dental practice holds, we believe our team makes a huge difference in the customer care we provide. Aside from our dental clinic offering modern dental treatments, we also ensure all of our patients are fully aware of pricing and treatment times before they commence any form of treatment. At our clinic in Egham we are lucky enough to have two principal dentists, one of whom is Dr Perminder Wikhu. Our patients are in safe hands

Dr Perminder Wikhu is just one example of our fantastic team, and has many years of experience within the general practice of dentistry. Perminder graduated from the University of Bristol in 1999, offering a friendly and caring approach to dental care. Aside from our key dentists, we also have a specialist oral surgeon/ implantologist, as well as a general practice manager, and dental hygienist.

The dentistry we provide

Our clinic understands the importance of general dental care, such as regular check-ups and hygienist visits, however we also appreciate that some of our patients may require preventive and cosmetic dentistry. A few examples of the more popular cosmetic treatments we offer are Invisalign, veneers, bridges, tooth whitening, and crowns. As well as our cosmetic dental treatments rising in popularity, we also offer key preventive dental treatments, such as information on the maintenance of good dental hygiene, and the treatment of sensitive teeth. How to contact our dentist in Egham

Patients who may be looking at possible dental treatment at our clinic may be curious as to how to commence their treatment, this is why we attempt to make the process as simple as possible. Located on our website, we offer our patients an online appointment request form, patients can fill in the reason for their appointment, as well as the time they’d prefer to visit our dental clinic. An alternative approach

We understand that some of our patients may prefer a more direct contact approach, this is why we display our contact number and email address, ensuring our patients can always come to us with any queries or concerns they may have. Pay us a visit

Despite our many forms of contact, we also display our exact location on our website. Our clinic offers a large selection of parking near our dental surgery, allowing any of our potential or pre-registered patients to talk to our dental team easily.


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