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Is it time for you to visit your dentist in Egham?

It is not unusual for people to be unsure of how often they should be visiting their dentist in Egham. Here at Stoneylands Dental Practice we encourage people to come for regular check-ups at least twice a year. This gives our dental professionals the chance to examine your mouth thoroughly and keep you informed of any underlying problems that might be brewing.

Visiting one of our hygienists regularly will help you make sure that your mouth is getting the proper clean it needs. Even if you have a strict brushing regime it is still a good idea to allow the hygienist to remove any plaque that has built up in areas that you are unable to get to properly. This will help prevent you from experiencing tooth decay and gum disease.

Visit your dental professional frequently to stay smiling

At Stoneylands Dental Practice our dental practitioners will become more than just your dentist in Egham. We will do what we can to keep you smiling, no matter what the problem is. You might just need a check-up, or you might need some teeth replacing. Either way every individual patient we see will receive the treatment they deserve, and leave our practice feeling more confident about the health of their teeth than they were when they first walked in.

If you do not know what treatment you require, but know that you want to improve your smile or have the condition of your teeth analysed, it is time for you to book an appointment at our dental practice so a tooth professional can advise and guide you on what treatments will help you.

When does your baby need to have their first check-up?

Generally, it is advised to take your child for their first dental examination when they develop their first tooth. They will usually have around eight baby teeth when they are twelve months old, but every child will develop at their own rate. We have several different treatments that are available to your child within our children’s dentistry department.

After bringing your child to our dental practice you should make sure that they return regularly so that our dental professionals can keep a close eye on the development of their teeth. They will be able to identify any problems early, for example if your child has an under- or overbite, or if their adult teeth are coming through crooked. Things like this are better to deal with sooner, as they can take longer to resolve and treat if ignored for a period of time.

What to do if a tooth emergency occurs

Your dentist in Egham will always be prepared, even when an emergency takes place and you require sudden dental care. An emergency could incorporate a whole range of tooth related problems, from having a few teeth knocked out, to waking up with an intense pain in your tooth. Sometimes you may need to see one of our dental professionals about your wisdom teeth, or you may have an infection. Whatever the emergency, here at Stoneylands Dental Practice we do what we can to make sure that you receive an emergency appointment on the same day.


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