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In need of a different kind of dentist in Egham?

Service with a smile

Here at Stoneylands Dental Practice, we’ve been helping the Egham community smile to their fullest potential for over fifty years — and are showing no signs of stopping doing so any time soon. What separates us from the numerous other practices, besides the quality of the comprehensive service we provide — is our relationships that we form with the members of the local community. Rather than simply opting for the one-size-fits-all approach to dentistry, which has sadly become all too common up and down the county, at Stoneylands Dental Practice, we pride ourselves at putting the needs of each of our individual patients at the forefront of each service we provide. Whatever age — from young to old — seeking whatever treatment — from the simplest of check-ups to the most complicated of undertakings — we aim to treat the individual, not the case. Anyone seeking a dentist in Egham, can rest assured that their dental needs will be met tenfold by our trained and professional, committed staff, here at Stoneylands Dental Practice.

Getting to the root of things

One treatment offered by a dentist in Egham here at Stoneylands Dental Practice, which can vastly boost the wellbeing of those seeking it, is root-canal treatment. Also referred to as endodontics, this is a procedure which is carried out in instances where the root and pulp of a tooth has become infected, either through decay or damage, which can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort. Infections of this nature, if not treated swiftly, can spread and develop into an abscess, which can cause excruciating pain and requires far vaster treatment. As such, it is imperative that patients seek treatment of this nature swiftly. The process of undertaking root canal treatment initially consists of the patient being administered with a general anesthetic, to ensure that no pain will be felt during the procedure. Thereafter, a small hole will be drilled into the root of the tooth, allowing it to be thoroughly cleaned with the use of a specialist dental tool. This cleaning removes all the infected area and pulp of the tooth. After this, the root canal is then filled, and fitted with a temporary crown. After a period of time has passed since treatment, the patient will then return to our practice to ensure that all the infected area has been eradicated - at which point the tooth will be filled.

Here when you most need us

As well as our general dentistry in Egham, we also provide a comprehensive emergency dental service. This is only necessary in instances when teeth have been damaged through sudden injury, and we advise patients to seek treatment immediately in these cases, as the sooner treatment is sought, the less severe treatment will be. Those who are in need of emergency dentistry will initially be assessed by one of our practitioners, in order to establish the severity of treatment needed - and, if necessary, be administered a local anaesthetic. Treatments of this nature vary due to their nature, but typically, our dentist will attempt to restore the damaged teeth either permanently, or temporarily, in instances of severe damage. Seeking emergency dental treatment can be massively beneficial in ensuring that further detrimental damage does not occur from the accident, and we will aim to get our patients smiling again as swiftly as possible.


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