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How your dentist in Egham can help with missing teeth

Losing a tooth may at first seem like a nightmare scenario, but there are plenty of ways our team can help restore your smile. There are a myriad of cosmetic treatments available that can fill in or cover up those gaps in your teeth. So with that in mind, here are a few options that your dentist in Egham may recommend to give you that natural looking smile you feel you’ve lost.

Dental implants

First up on our list are dental implants and these are small titanium screws that are inserted underneath your gum line and into your jawbone. The prosthetic teeth are normally made from either ceramic or porcelain and they are attached to the sterilised screw made from titanium. The screw will bond with the bone in your jaw over time as you heal after the treatment. The implant will be acting as a tooth root.

Implants are primarily used as a way to replace damaged, decayed or missing teeth, as they stimulate the jawbone and the artificial crowns placed on top are sturdy and custom made to blend in.At Stoneylands Dental Practice our highly trained team will shape and shade your new tooth to match its neighbours, to provide you with a natural looking replacement for the one you have lost.


Another option that may be recommended by your dentist in Eghamis to use crowns for damaged teeth. These are essentially a ceramic or porcelain cover that’s placed on top of gaps and holes, in order to cover up the damage or space that has been left.

To ensure that the covering blends right in, your dentist will also shape and shade the cap to make sure that it looks as natural as possible once it is fitted.


Another option to solve your dental woes comes in the form of bridges. These are prosthetic teeth that come in a small segment of two or more and are made from a metal base with a porcelain covering to give them a solid and stable structure, as they will need to give support when you are chewing and biting.


Last but not least we have one very common replacement for missing teeth. They are made from a tough material that looks the same as your remaining natural teeth and will be made to the size of the ones you have lost. Your dentist will take an impression of your mouth before sending this off to a lab that will produce your new teeth in the form of a set of snug feeling dentures.

These replacement teeth need to be regularly cleaned and we recommend giving them a thorough brush at least once a day, as if they were your natural teeth. Regular maintenance will ensure that your new dentures last as long as they possibly can.

Also, a unique benefit of this option is that if you manage to damage or lose your new prosthetic teeth your dentist can easily replace them.

So if you have any missing teeth that are making you feel self-conscious, then just have a chat with your dentist about one of these cosmetic options as a way to restore your lost smile.


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