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Ask Your Dentist in Egham About Cosmetic Dentistry

They say a smile can speak a thousand words, but if your teeth are not at their best what would you be saying?

But fear not, there is a solution to this problem in the form of cosmetic dental treatments by your dentist in Egham. Thanks to the precise and delicate techniques of modern dentistry, dentists can perform some pretty impressive transformations to misaligned molars and gaps in gum lines. In our Stoneylands Dental Practice we aim to give you a healthy and happy smile, that’s why we’ve listed some of the benefits of our cosmetic treatments.

Correction of misaligned or crooked teeth

Sadly, not all of us can have the perfectly aligned teeth you see in the movies, most of us have one or two teeth that are wonky to some degree that we would love to fix. Thanks to Invisalign you can do that with relative ease.

Using a clear plastic brace that’s custom fitted to your mouth using 3D imaging, we slowly adjust your crooked teeth to their new resting place. The braces are easy to clean, and removable, because they’re see through you won’t have to feel self-conscious about wearing the brace all day. Also as a nice bonus, on your first appointment your dentist in Egham will be able to show you how your finished teeth will look.

Removal of stains and discolouration

Our teeth take a lot of punishment throughout the day and one of the most common problems you will run into is staining from things like coffee, smoking and wine. But with teeth whitening you can add a little sparkle to that smile.

Using a custom fitted tray with bleaching agent we can help bring back those natural pearly white colours.

Adjust uneven gum lines

But we don’t just stop at teeth, we can also improve or contour gum lines to help with any uneven areas. For this we would recommend crowns or veneers.

Using crowns, we can cover up any broken or weakened areas of your teeth and gums with a special false implant that is securely fitted on top of the area to give them a flawless appearance. Whilst veneers are a small piece of porcelain that we fit over gaps, staining or chips. No bigger than a fingernail, these can be carefully adjusted to make your teeth look longer or for them to seem closer together than they naturally are.

These can also be relatively short procedures, so you can pop in for your procedure then carry on with your day. If this sounds appealing to you, but you’re unsure what’s best then don’t worry, your dentist in Egham will usually recommend the appropriate one for you to help give you a gorgeous grin.

All of these are a great reason to consider cosmetic dental work to boost that winning smile of yours. So, if there’s any particular thing about your smile you don’t like, then let your dentist know on your next appointment and we will go from there.


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