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Your options for cosmetic dentistry in Egham

As we get older our teeth will naturally start to wear down and give out, as the continual damage we do to them in our day to day lives start to take its toll. From acids in our diet to our oral health routine and even general wear and tear from activities, or overzealous brushing, can have quite a damaging impact on our smile.

But luckily there are plenty of options for cosmetic dentistry in Egham at your disposal, to keep your smile looking great as you get older. Here are a few treatments we provide that might help you out.

Invisalign braces

First up on our list of options for cosmetic dentistry in Egham is our Invisalign brace. This is essentially a custom moulded see-through brace that your dentist will advise you wear for a set period of time, with the purpose of straightening out any crooked teeth you may have.

The braces are removable and can be taken out for cleaning your teeth, having meals or for general maintenance of the appliance, to keep it bacteria and stain free. Although, if you do plan on popping it out for a while we recommend that our patients only do this for short periods of time, as it’s generally advised that you keep it worn for at least 22 hours a day to ensure a smooth realignment.


Another option for cosmetic treatment on our list are veneers. These consist of small prosthetic coverings that are placed over your teeth to cover up any gaps, cracks or damage that might have occurred either through accident or general wear and tear. The coverings are normally comprised of porcelain or ceramics and they’re cut and shaded to match your surrounding teeth, to provide a natural looking repair.

At Stoneylands Dental Practice our team will strive to provide you with natural looking and stable veneers that will stand the test of time.


Similar to veneers, these are prosthetic coverings for your teeth that are placed over damaged or decayed parts, to provide a natural looking replacement. These are also normally made from a porcelain or ceramic base and our team will also ensure that the shade of the crown will match the surrounding teeth, to ensure a natural replacement for the damaged part of your mouth.

Teeth whitening

Our diet plays a big part in the health of our teeth, over time staining and discolouration can occur that will ruin an otherwise lovely smile. Using our whitening treatment we can help you restore those pearly whites through a series of short bleaching appointments in our practice, or at home with a kit we will provide.


Finally, for patients looking to repair or replace a damaged section of their teeth we would recommend bridges. This treatment involves the replacement of more than one tooth with a porcelain or ceramic replacement that’s held in place with a stable rare metal base.

These are a few of the interesting methods we can use to keep your smile looking healthy. Each one has its own unique benefits and for those that would like to know more or who wish to book their own appointment, just ask our team at the practice.


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