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Your options for cosmetic dentistry in Egham

At some point in our lives we all run into a moment where we’re unhappy with our teeth. Whether that’s because of cracks, damage, gaps, staining or a few misaligned sections, we all have something we’re a little self-conscious about.

That’s why your dentist may recommend you schedule an appointment for cosmetic dentistry in Egham, as nobody should feel less than happy about their smile. There are a number of treatments we can provide to restore your teeth, so here’s a little information on what we can offer you.


First on our list of your options for cosmetic dentistry in Egham is Invisalign or ‘invisible braces’ as they are more commonly known. This treatment involves your dentist fitting a custom moulded see-through tray over any crooked parts of your teeth that you want straightened out.

Over time the brace places a small and gentle amount of pressure on your teeth to slowly rotate them into a straight and neat position within your gum line. It’s a non-invasive procedure that involves no dental goop or gagging to make impressions and normally takes around 12 to 13 months before the desired results are achieved. The length of treatment time can vary on a case by case basis, but your dentist will normally discuss that with you beforehand.


Cracks, chips and other types of damage to your teeth may at first seem like a smile killer, but using veneers your dentist is able to cover and repair a tooth's particular trauma. Veneers are basically a small piece of porcelain, or ceramic in some cases, that’s placed over damaged portions of your teeth or small gaps that may have been caused by decay or infection.

Veneers are incredibly sturdy, easy to clean and at Stoneylands Dental Practice our trained team of cosmetic dentistry experts will shape and shade your new veneer to provide you with a sturdy, well fitting and natural looking replacement.


Another great cosmetic option worth a consideration would be crowns. These are custom made porcelain covers that are placed on teeth that are compromised in some way, either through damage or decay. They essentially act as an artificial covering to protect your teeth from any further degradation.


If you have any large gaps or there are multiple teeth needing replacement or being removed, then you may be recommended for bridges. Comprised of a precious metal with a porcelain covering, these prosthetic teeth can strengthen your remaining ones, whilst also providing a beautiful looking restoration that blends right in.

Teeth whitening

Over time your teeth can start to fade and discolour as they lose their natural shine through age and the things in your diet such as coffee, wine, and tobacco based products like cigars and cigarettes. This yellowing and staining can be reversed though with a few teeth whitening sessions at the practice. Your whitening session can be performed at the practice with our team or at home with a custom made kit if you don’t have time to make an appointment.

Cosmetic dentistry is incredibly common and the results speak for themselves, so if you’re interested in giving your smile a makeover then just have a chat with our team about one of these great treatments that are available at our practice.


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