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Why You Should Consider Cosmetic Dentistry Using Veneers in Egham

The ‘Hollywood Smile’ is something we would all love to have, but sadly it’s a lot harder than it seems to keep those pearly whites at their best. However at our Stoneylands Dental Practice we can make that job a little easier with the help of cosmetic dentistry in Egham. Many treatments can add glamour to our smile.

In this case it’s veneers.These small porcelain shells are perfect for boosting self-confidence and covering up any damage from day-to-day wear and tear on your teeth. But if you’re still not completely sold on them, we’ve covered a few of the benefits that you might want to consider on your next appointment.

What are veneers?

Although the name may sound imposing, it’s actually a pretty simple procedure. They are basically small pieces of porcelain created to fit the teeth that you’re looking to cover up. They cover a multitude of sins, chips, stains, irregular teeth and gaps, creating a beautifully smooth line of pearly teeth to munch your healthy carrot with!!

Think of it like hanging a picture over a hole in a wall, you’re still aware of what’s behind it, but from the outside it looks much more aesthetically pleasing.

Less invasive

One of the biggest benefits to veneers is that it’s one of the least invasive types of cosmetic dentistry in Egham you can sign up for. All the dentist does is file down a small portion of the tooth that the cover is being applied to.

It’s also a relatively quick procedure that normally involves only a handful of visits to the practice where you will have the initial enamel surface thinned down, a cast formed of the area and then the veneer is permanently bonded.

Easy to maintain

When it comes to keeping the fitted veneer clean and tidy you will definitely have an easy job. Although most veneers are stain resistant, you should still try to keep it sparkling white.

Maintaining the veneer is relatively simple, just look after it in the way you would your other teeth, with regular brushing. We recommend at least twice a day with regular flossing. You should also attend regular check-ups with your dentist to monitor its progress.

Provides a longer lasting natural look

The most important goal of cosmetic dentistry in Egham is to provide you with a natural looking smile at the end of your procedure and veneers definitely accomplish that. Since it’s just a cap that’s placed on top of any stained or damaged teeth it’s near impossible to tell what was there before. Which in turn lets you show off that winning smile even though there’s an artificial element being used.

Hopefully some of these great benefits have settled your mind, if you would like to have veneers applied. If you’re interested in boosting that smile of yours then let your dentist know on your next appointment to get started.


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