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Thinking about getting cosmetic dentistry in Egham?

Over the years people’s teeth age and weaken and they may have developed yellow or brown stains, or they might have fallen out. Sometimes it isn’t anything to do with getting older, and an accident may have occurred where a tooth got cracked, chipped or knocked out. With cosmetic dentistry in Egham it has been made possible to rectify all these issues and generally improve your smile.

Having a gap in your smile or no teeth at all can leave you feeling insecure and vulnerable. Eating out in a restaurant or just going out in public could make you feel nervous. Nobody should have to suffer with their smile like this on a daily basis. Here at Stoneylands Dental Practice we understand what it is like to have been unhappy with the condition of your teeth for a while. Book a consultation appointment with one of our dental practitioners today and discuss what options are available to you.

What is it?

Cosmetic dentistry in Egham is made up of a whole range of treatments. They usually improve the aesthetics of your smile as well as the condition of your teeth and overall mouth. There are a range of treatments that are available that can repair a cracked tooth or gap, or even whiten your teeth a few shades. Depending on what kind of treatment you go for may depend on whether it is covered by the NHS. It is suggested that you make an appointment with one of our dentists, as they will be able to tell you what treatments are covered, and which one is right for you.

As dentistry has advanced newer treatments have become available. Now you can even straighten your teeth with an almost invisible brace. It’s time to stop hating what you see in the mirror and learn to love your smile again. Replacing missing teeth has also become more efficient and will boost your confidence and make you genuinely happy to smile at people again.

Different types of treatments and procedures

There are several different treatments and procedures that are available under the branch of cosmetic dentistry in Egham. You may need a crown fitted over a damaged tooth to strengthen it, or you may want to have your teeth whitened because they have become stained.

For some people that have always wanted to straighten their teeth but never wanted to have a metal brace, Invisalign could be the answer. This is a small clear brace that fits over your teeth discreetly. You will generally get a new Invisalign brace every two weeks and your teeth will gradually become straighter and give you the smile that you have spent so much time longing for.

Sometimes people just wish they had different sized teeth. If this one was a bit longer, or there wasn’t that little gap there, everything would be fantastic. Veneers could well provide you with the smile makeover you have been waiting for. They look just like natural teeth and are so thin that they are barely noticeable. They easily fit onto the surface of your original teeth and can make your teeth seem larger, longer and just generally improve the quality of your smile. Whatever treatment you may be thinking of getting, ring our practice today or book a consultation online so we can help you achieve the smile you deserve.


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