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Not sure if cosmetic dentistry is worth it? Here’s why patients consider tweaking their teeth

Patients naturally equate the end goal of cosmetic dental procedures with resolving aesthetic concerns. This may be true for some patients but not all. A great many patients come to Stoneylands Dental Practice wanting cosmetic dentistry in Egham to treat a number of other dental-related challenges.

The main objective of cosmetic procedures is to help patients achieve better dental health. In order to achieve this end, our cosmetic treatments are designed to do more than just brighten the look of our patients’ smiles. We practice cosmetic dentistry in Egham that also includes treating poor oral health conditions and preventing potential problems from manifesting. In addition to this, we pride ourselves in providing our patients with the highest standards of dental care when it comes to cosmetic dentistry in Egham.

Three surprising benefits of cosmetic dental procedures

Whether the cosmetic procedure comes with a higher price tag as in the case of crowns, bridges and veneers or more within reach like professional in-clinic teeth whitening, the life-changing benefits of these procedures are worth it. Consider some of the following advantages:

1. Stabilise damaged teeth

Dental procedures that at first seem to have a solely aesthetic focus like veneers and crowns are also used to address issues with teeth in addition to perfecting smiles. These cosmetic procedures offer another vital function – stabilising or preventing compromised teeth from further degradation. Patients may also find veneers and crowns offer relief from issues such as tooth sensitivity.

2. Treat decaying teeth

It is quite common for patients to miss the link between cosmetic procedures and repairing broken teeth, but available treatments can be quite effective in strengthening the outer enamel to avoid total enamel erosion and complete tooth decay. Treatments that can save a tooth range from artificially hardening the outer layer of the tooth to filling in those cracks and fractures that can encourage the build-up of teeth-destroying bacteria.

3. Change patients’ perceptions of their dental health

It is no secret that for many patients, the cost of many cosmetic dental procedures is a significant financial investment. Seen in this light, the added costs offer a return on investment of immeasurable value. This is most evident for those patients who are motivated to protect their investment. By doing so – following all recommendations and post-procedure care offered by dentists – these patients benefit from optimal dental health. They look better which only helps them in feeling better about themselves.

Provided proper dental care is maintained, there is no worry about losing teeth and having to replace them or concerns about treating preventable dental issues caused by dental neglect. Other ways to ensure the longevity of a cosmetic dental investment is to avoid smoking, eat healthily and to refrain from parafunctional habits such as using teeth to open bottle caps.

Need professional advice on whether a cosmetic dental procedure is the right course for you? Let our dentists at Stoneylands Dental Practice tailor the right treatment plan for your needs. We provide quality dental treatments in cosmetic dentistry procedures that include teeth whitening, crowns, veneers and Invisalign. Call us today.


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